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Far Cry 3 Review

If you’re looking for a run of the mill sandbox game, then this isn’t the game for you. Its open world and chock full of things to do.
The main story is rich and entertaining. The side missions and quests are a welcome distraction. From racing, to time trials to capturing items from terrorists, there are plenty of activities to keep you immersed in the world for many hours.

 I find that some of its faults are in the scope of the oneness. At times it’s too big a world for its own good. The animal attacks happen so randomly and you can find yourself wandering for long periods still far from your current target. These faults are far from destructive to the gameplay and i commend what the developers were trying to do.

I think it’s a game that every open world, action and fps fan should own, not just rent. I give the game 4 guns up… Fully loaded and blazing!


Minecraft Review

Ssssssssssssssss…… BOOM! Here we are again for another one and you guessed it:
So when I first saw minecraft, as I’m sure most people did, I was like “What the fuck? Why would anybody play a shitty block game with horrible graphics?” Then, I played it and it became crack. The game is incredibly addictive and it allows your creativity to flow. When I first purchased the game there were no potions, no nether fortress, the game was pretty simple. You can only imagine with the game developing how much more addicting it has become.
Now, building in the game is fun as hell and can be a bit challenging due to the fact that everything is blocks. Hell, the leaves are too! You can make mansions, roller coasters, monster spawners, even evil death traps for your friends. Minecraft is a great game alone, but it can be even better with friends. Hold contests over who can catch more fish, who can create a house faster or make it to the nether faster. This game is limitless and with further updates, this game will make it even harder for you to put it down.
Redstone. Ahhhh… The amazingly pain in the ass Redstone. Its something that you truly need to understand, otherwise it will be hell like it is for me. I’ve spent quite some time playing with it and I can’t explain how it works. Its frustrating but once you accomplish what you set out to do, the overwhelming joy will make up for it. I pinky swear!
Plain and simple, go out there, get yourself the game, and cease to exist to the rest of the world. My darlings, you won’t regret it. Now make mama something nice so she can put it up on the fridge!

Cyanide back at ya with another review. This time on the absolutely fantastic game by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider. When it comes to games, especially like this I’m gonna review certain aspects that really stand out in the time frame that I’ve played. In other words, just beware of spoilers.

First of all, I just need to spotlight on the overall graphics of this game. Everything from the actual characters, the action and even the scenery is phenomenal. For example, when she’s in the creepy tomb with the shrine and the bodies strung up like Christmas lights, I really just wanted to spend my time admiring the surroundings. So much work was put into every single part of the game and I don’t think anyone can argue that. During her escape, there was so much going on with boulders flying at you and walls crumbling and you’re dodging things here and there, it was like an interactive movie. I kept finding myself yelling at the TV for her to make it out alive as if I weren’t controlling her. Its okay, I shook my head at myself too. When she’s outside and I saw the geography and the scenery, I mentally was thanking anyone who had anything to do with the making of this game. To the guy who took out the garbage at the offices while this was in the making, thank you sir, you have done this world a service.

Now, onto game play. Honestly, I’ve never played any of the Tomb Raider games, not because I didn’t want to, just never did. No reason behind it. I also SUCK at video games and if I could put the word ‘suck’ in big, bold letters that flashed, I would. So when I tell you I died a few times, just have some mercy on my soul. The first time I died, I dont know why, but Lara was like “screw you, im just gonna walk back and forth on the edge here for a minute.” When I finally got her to jump, it was like off into no mans land and I had a rage quit moment. Next few times, it was due to the button mashing parts. Fighting back and running up that steep ass hill using the left and right trigger buttons, fun, just difficult for someone like me. The climbing parts remind me a lot of Assassin’s Creed and those games I love, especially the puzzles. Yay, I’m good at these! I know the Tomb Raider games are well known for their puzzles, again I’ve never played them before so hush up.

Let’s highlight on the hunting and the miscellaneous finds now. Once again, I suck, so it took me a while to get the controls down of using the bow and arrow. Once I did, I was able to get myself a delightful deer and give poor little Bambi a hug. Sorry sweets but mommy became dinner. After killing Bambi’s mother and working my way back to camp I noticed two things, a little box that was tucked away and some wind chime thing. I shot the wind chime and received some notice for it, but I was too busy focusing on getting to the box. These are things that are going to bother me if I don’t get all of them, like the Templar flags in Assassin’s Creed or the riddler trophies in Batman Arkham City. In the box was a note written by a soldier which has made me extremely determined to find all of them because that storyline seems awesome. Finally, I worked my way back to camp and conclude my gaming for the evening.

Let me bow in appreciation of those who have created this masterpiece, for this is one hell of a game so far. In conclusion, get the game, play the game, laugh and cry with Lara. Prepare the feels my minions cuz this one is gonna be enjoyable but painful!