If you’re looking for a run of the mill sandbox game, then this isn’t the game for you. Its open world and chock full of things to do.
The main story is rich and entertaining. The side missions and quests are a welcome distraction. From racing, to time trials to capturing items from terrorists, there are plenty of activities to keep you immersed in the world for many hours.

 I find that some of its faults are in the scope of the oneness. At times it’s too big a world for its own good. The animal attacks happen so randomly and you can find yourself wandering for long periods still far from your current target. These faults are far from destructive to the gameplay and i commend what the developers were trying to do.

I think it’s a game that every open world, action and fps fan should own, not just rent. I give the game 4 guns up… Fully loaded and blazing!